VMS and ERS Cloud Service

Trackwell offers a fully featured Vessel Monitoring System in a hosted environment, removing the need for complex and expensive infrastructure at the client site. Trackwell proposes a forward looking state of the art, ISO 27001 certified cloud based solution, for all server functionality. Integrated ERS (electronic reporting system) module is optional.

Trackwell´s VMS and ERS Cloud Service is used by various customers around the world. The Trackwell VMS is used by Fisheries Authorities, Coastguards and Navies for Extended Economy Zone management – Surveillance, Fisheries Control, Search and Rescue.

The system is fully compliant with international fisheries regulations and facilitates exchange of information between authorities, neighboring countries and regional fisheries offices.

An optional ERS module which handles Electronic Logbook and catch and effort reports from local vessels and foreign vessels via their flag state. The ERS module is fully integrated into the VMS environment.

The users interface applications are thoroughly designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

  • Tracking of local vessels.
  • Tracking of foreign vessels within specified areas (EEZs) via their flag states’ VMSs.
  • Review and analyses of history data.
  • Exchange of data with other VMS.
  • Monitoring of report reception.
  • Monitoring of areas (entry/exit from harbour, protected areas, EEZ, filtered by speed, time, vessel groups, areas, nationality, etc.).
  • Monitoring of various device events (tampering signals, etc.).
  • Presentation and management of alerts. A log history is attached to the alerts, showing how and by whom each alert is resolved, related to the vessel involved.
  • Vessel registry management.
  • Variety of reports.
  • User management and access control.
  • Handling of ERS / Logbook reports (optional module).
  • Checking of fishing license and official certificate of seaworthiness (optional).
  • Connections with external systems via API (optional).
  • Secure connections to users via HTTPS or VPN
Installation and commissioning of a standard system takes only 2-4 weeks, from signature of contract until the system is ready for use.


No need for complex infrastructure and computer specialists at the customers’ location. The only required infrastructure is standard PC workstations, running standard browsers, Internet connected.

The system can be set up to accommodate any size of fleet, ranging up to thousands of vessels.

Modular design, all components controlled by Trackwell.
Easy to start with standard system and later adapt to specific needs if necessary.
Customization of software and supplementary data (maps, vessel registry data, etc.) available.

Support for legal prosecution as required, including appearance in court as specialists.

Trackwell has a long and established history in vessel monitoring. The company provides consultancy services and customized solutions in accordance with customer needs.

Flexible price model, based on size of fleet to be monitored, paid on monthly or quarterly bases. No long term commitment is necessary.


Trackwell VMS utilizes a wide spectrum of satellite and terrestrial communications media :

  • Hybrid Iridium and GPRS
  • Inmarsat C, Iridium, Argos, Orbcomm, GlobalStar
  • Satellite AIS
  • Cellular (GPRS, 3G, …)
  • Proprietary VHF/UHF radio systems
  • HTTPS, email, TCP/IP, FTP, etc.
  • Others upon request

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