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Trackwell is pleased to announce its new customized Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) solution where neighbouring countries, regional fisheries offices and other maritime authorities can share one VMS. The system allows for data and information sharing between any number of operational users, while still granting the countries the ability to tailor-make the scope of information and data that is shared between parties. For example, different countries can grant one another visibility access to certain zones within the EEZ (extended economy zone), increasing the monitoring and alerting capabilities of both parties, while simultaneously restricting the visibility access to other parts of the EEZ, wherever they see fit.

Along with the optional integrated Electronic Reporting System (ERS) module managing catch and activity messages for fisheries management, the new sharing solution is the latest feature of Trackwell´s state-of-the-art vessel monitoring system. The company also recently introduced the FLUX fisheries connection to its VMS/ERS. Alongside its new complementary features, the Trackwell VMS offers extensive monitoring and alerting options, including closed zone monitoring where vessel speed can be monitored for fishing versus cruising speed. The system also monitors the reception of vessel locations according to schedule, the validity of fishing licenses, and official certificates of seaworthiness. In all cases, Trackwell´s VMS provides customized solutions and technical support for a wide variety of needs.

The Trackwell vessel monitoring system handles thousands of vessels every day, and is used by fisheries authorities, coastguards and navies for surveillance, search and rescue, resource management and fisheries control around the world. The system is fully compliant with international fisheries regulations, and facilitates the exchange of information between authorities, neighbouring countries and regional fisheries offices. It can receive data from all of the major vessel device vendors and service providers, including shore based and satellite AIS. Trackwell runs its products from its European-, Australian- and North America-hosted network centres, and provides an innovative team of professionals with vast experience. For further information on the services and solutions provided by Trackwell, please visit

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